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KICKER produces high-performance car audio, vehicle specific solutions, marine audio, home, and personal audio, and power sports products since 1973.


Kicker has reshaped the world of car audio with innovative products that consistently raise the bar for mobile audio performance. 


Shop Stereos R Us ‘s Kicker store for subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, and more that set the standard for performance and reliability.


Kicker Subwoofers


The kicker is known for the subwoofers and their Comp series subs definitely perform. 


Kicker offers a subwoofer to meet the needs of all car owners regardless of music style and the amount of space available. 


The Kicker Comp and the CompVR are mainstays that are proven winners. 


Some of the newer offerings including the Comp C, Comp R, Comp RT, and Comp VXhave expanded their line to meet every changing 12-volt industry.


There are two types of subwoofer buyers, SQ or sound quality and SPL, sound pressure level. 


SQ woofers have more flexible cones for the true, accurate bass response while the SQL woofers are designed to hit, and hit hard! 


The Kicker Comp R is the Kicker woofer that is designed for sound quality. 


The Comp C is the newest version of the Comp woofer and has a less rigid cone for more accurate response and it won’t knock the the Comp does.


Kicker still leads the industry in car audio subwoofer, amplifier, and coaxial speaker design.


KICKER 43CSC654 CSC65 6.5 Car Speaker


This is yet another budget friendly option that still delivers good quality sound. 


The KICKER 43CSC654 Car Audio Coaxial Speakers has a two way design. They deliver a top notch performance and a clean, strong bass. 


Packing a peaked power of 300 Watts per speaker and a 4-Ohm that works best with 100 Watts of suggested power. It uses a strong motor and magnet construction with an Extended Voice Coil technology that is rarely found in other speakers. we are the best kicker live loud dealer in Ontario CA Arizona. we are offering a price-friendly kicker live loud.


These speakers also utilize polypropylene woofer cones that are tough, textured, and UV-treated ensuring an accurate linear excursion and consistency. The Stereos R Us  providing a top-rated kicker live loud installer in Ontario CA Arizona.


Unlike other new-age speakers, the CSC65 uses foam woofer surrounds the product instead of rubber. 


Although rubber surrounds are usually more durable than their foam counterparts, this is not necessarily a let-down since surrounds can be replaced in cases of severe damage.


What the Kicker lacks in a quality and durable surround they make up for in their high quality materials. 


It has a frequency range of 40Hz-20kHz and mounting holes measuring 123mm; which proves to be quite compatible with most mounting stations.


The non-protrusion PEI tweeters work hand in hand with the heavy duty polypropylene woofers to provide clear `boom’ sound. 


It is best to use the C-Series speakers with 100 watts of power.


Kicker DSC650 DS Series 6.5 Car Speaker


This kicker series is unquestionably one of the most famous of the kicker products. 


Kicker is known for manufacturing some of the most phenomenal speakers and subwoofers in the market. 


However, most importantly, their extra high-power management and strong bass resonance are what really makes them stand out.


The kicker DSC650 DS Series 6.5” 4-Ohm Coaxial Speakers definitely live up to the high expectations. 


With a 240Watt peak power that produces quite loud sounds compared to some other speakers with higher RMS. 


The high note of these speakers is their great bass response.


For users that enjoy that low yet loud, deep and clear sounding bass booming through their speakers this is definitely the top choice. 


The DS65 is quite easy to install thanks to its low profile design; it suitably fits practically all mounting stations. 


For DIY enthusiasts the kicker series would be very advantageous as it’s relatively simpler to figure out.


Kicker Marine Mobile Audio in Ontario CA


Kicker’s new Marine audio speakers, subwoofers and amps are designed specifically for boats with weather-proof qualities that meet or exceed industry.


KICKER is outfitting the official show boat with a state-of-the-art marine audio system.


Kicker Audio in Ontario CA


KICKER car audio in Ontario CA is often thought of as an excellent middle of the road option for car audio. 


The fact is that KICKER is just as capable of bringing the high-quality sound you would expect from other industry leaders. 


KICKER car audio systems are broadly considered an excellent first step into the world of performance audio, and are quite popular for anyone who needs a little something extra in the listening experience.


KICKER offers all the features you would expect from a next level car audio system, and even a few that might surprise you.


Listed below are just a few of the options available to you through KICKER’s line of quality car audio.


Receiver – in addition to the CD receivers, you can also upgrade to play DVD’s and advanced smart phone connectivity. 


This allows not only a vast range of music sources, but can also turn your vehicle into a legitimate entertainment center.


Video Screens – an in dash video screen can provide access to both entertainment and navigation options for your vehicle. 


For those with a more extensive budget, video screens can be placed in the back seat so that your passengers can be fully entertained while you reach your destination.


Subwoofers – Without bass to bring the full spectrum of musical expression, it is very easy for the whole system to fall flat.


KICKER brings a wide range of products that are available both to individuals with budget restrictions and for those who refuse to accept less than perfection.


Enclosures – if you want to get the deepest bass possible, installing a subwoofer enclosure is an absolute must. 


Though subwoofer enclosures take up a little extra space in the trunk, the tradeoff for unbelievable bass is a purchase many people embrace wholeheartedly.


Amplifiers – Powering a set of high quality speakers take a little extra power from an amplifier. 


Understanding the power requirements of the speakers in your vehicle is the first step in choosing the amplifier that is right for you. 


Especially if you have subwoofers, it is necessary to make sure that you have enough juice to get the sound you want.


KICKER products are well suited for an excellent balance of visual appeal, flexibility and quality sound. 

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